Glory Photography

For a period of time in my life, I really struggled to connect with the Lord.  It broke my heart honestly.  I lost my love for reading the Bible, I lost my passion to write and journal, I lost my desire to wake up extra early to spend time with God.  All of the things I did to connect with the Lord were now being graded through my Seminary courses and therefore went from being relational to academic.

It was like going out on a date and at the end of it you both write up a feedback form, give each other a grade, and then hear lectures on what you could do to improve.

It was killing me!

And that is where I found photography.  Or maybe photography found me.  I needed something in my life that my professors couldn’t or wouldn’t analyze.  I needed a way to worship, a way to spend time alone with God that connected our hearts and would not get outlined in a rubric.image

So, my quite times started to consists of walks with a Canon up to my face and interchangeable lenses in my hands.  Instead of highlighting passages and focusing in on words, I was walking in the sunlight and zooming in on dewdrops.  Instead of reading through commentators for different insights, I was switching out lenses to give me different perspectives.

I found myself worshipping through capturing little pieces of His glory.  I found myself enraptured with his beauty.  I found myself in a quite space where he wooed me, loved my soul, and ended up teaching me a LOT about himself through the mechanics of a camera, through the study of photography, and through getting out into the field and snapping pictures.image

I was challenged recently by a dear friend to write these lessons down, to share them and speak them.  I have learned so many lessons.  But the first lesson I learned is God was and is bigger than the box I put him in.  He could meet me, relate with me and love me through many different ways if I would let him.  He would reveal his glory to me through other means if I was open to it.

As I started to take photos, I didn’t even realize it was worship at first.  I just was letting my heart lead me to a place where I could be refreshed and free.  However, through that and my deep cries to meet Jesus in anyway he would let me, these turned into holy times.  These turned into a lifeline between me and God during my years at Seminary and after.  They taught me that any moment can be a holy moment.  That Christ’s love is a deep, personal, never letting go love and he wants to be with you, right where you are, in your moments.

He meet me in my moments.  In my glory photography moments.  And for that, I am forever thankful.



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