Her Hands

Her hands pick me up, cradle me
No more womb
first cry in the world safe in her arms

Her hands brush my cheek, soothed my soul
Scraped up knees
crocodile tears, bandaids, TLC

Her hands let me soar, pumping learned
Schools in
letters, numbers, reading, math

Her hands teach, french twist and braids
Big impressions
Lessons learned in vanity and hair

Her hands reaching out, patiently waiting
Wandering years
Rebellion, pride, and distance kept

Her hands pack boxes, wearing tears
Acceptance letter
Living responsibly on my own

Her hands squeeze mine, giving me away
Forever asked for
Cleaving to someone new

Her hands craddle him, first grandchild
26 hours
Exhausted laboring for my son

Her hands hold the ultrasound, It’s a girl
Second grandchild
Growing strong, growing safe

Her hands tremor, diagnosis loud and clear
New stage
Moving forward, caring for each other

Her hands always, nothing less than beautiful
My favorite part
always serving, always loving, always my mama’s hands


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