Sleepless Nights

I see your faces in my dreams.  I hear the gun shots and feel the screams.  I choke on the dirt kicked up in a panic as you calculate whether to say in line or run for cover.  You are wept for as I sleep.  Ripped away from home, wooed by lies, imprisoned by violence.

Behold.  Behold, I am doing a new thing.


I speak these words, not mine, but His, over you, over the situation, over the souls that need hope and the bodies that need justice.  The new thing is a NEW THING.  You with cracked skin, empty bellies, exposed vulnerability, you are seen by the only one who can create a new thing.  You are loved.  Loved by the only one who can behold you in all the ways you need.  You are held by the one who can be with you in all the ways your broken hopes once desired.


You are in my dreams but you are in His line of sight.  You are not hidden.  You are not unseen.

El Roi.  El Roi- the God who sees.

He loves you.  He was scarred, mocked, stabbed, tortured, humiliated, abandoned, betrayed, and disowned for you.  His new thing with folded clothes, an empty slab, and a torn curtain is where the hope for your new thing comes from. There is no tomb, there are no barriers.  He is a place of HOLY POWER.  You are beheld by Him.  You will be held by Him.

His eyes, His ears, His heart. His full presence and His new thing.  You are welcome into my dreams.  You are welcome to have my sleep.  But you will always have His presence.


*Written after attending an IJM (International Justice Mission) conference and listening to Gary Haugen, Anu George, Jeremy Courtney (Founder and President of Preemptive Love),  and many others lament, celebrate, and hold on to hope.

(Photos from Unsplash-in order- by Patrick Hendry, Bogomil Mihaylov, and Ivan Bandura)

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