When I think of “Influence” or “Success”, what do I see?  What do I envision?

I see a stage in front of a large group of people being inspired.  I see a book with its millions of copies, changing the world.  I see a individual with a face-mic and thousands of followers nodding in agreement. I see a large, regal kingdom.  There are fans, there are groupies.  I see skinny jeans, relevance, the perfect amount of humor in any story, and applause.

And yet, what is present in my daily life is drastically different.  I see kids that need help with homework, being a good friend, understanding wisdom, learning hygiene.  I see volunteer opportunities for PTO, classroom help, swim-team help, church-help. I see friends exercising, listening, and studying together.  I see a small, welcomging home.   There are friends, there are guests.  I see sweaty t-shirts, love, the engagement in long-winded stories, and grace.


In my life there is no stage, there are just chairs. There is no audience, there are just hearts conversing. There is not a world-wide event, there are just neighborly gatherings.  There is not a kingdom, there is a just relationship.  Just love-empowered relationship.

When I think of “influence” or “success”, what should I see?  What should I envision?

The influence is not glitz and glamour.  The space is not an auditorium.  The influence is the daily grind.  The space is at a table.


Tables.  Kitchen tables, coffee-shop tables, cafeteria tables. Library tables, race sign-up tables, concessions tables. Bible-study tables, bedside-tables, café-tables.  Why would I want to trade one stage for all these tables?  All these beautiful tables.  My influence is not stage-influence, it is table-influence.

So here’s to tables. Here’s to doing life and having influence around all sorts of tables.


Photos are my own taken at GraceFull Community Cafe

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