Armed With a Playlist

As the bread ran low and our fruit drawer held a solitary lemon, I knew the time had come.

The store is in my sights and I wonder if needing a musical distraction makes me weak.  Is it fighting or hiding?  Is it brave or pathetic?  The thoughts turn in my mind as I turn into the parking lot. micheile-henderson-3TgIneA4xjM-unsplashI stop the engine, put on my mask, and ready my playlist. An eclectic mix spanning many artists and genres.  As I near the door, I put in the headphones and press play.  The soundtrack for my most daunting venture of the week begins as I wipe off the red plastic handle and pushed my cart through the double doors.

No sweaty palms this time as people in gas-masks walk by, no anxiety today as I walk between applesauce and oatmeal.  The only rise in my heartbeat this day comes from my dancing.scott-warman-NpNvI4ilT4A-unsplashMandisa guides me as I reached for the carrots.  Van Morrison assists me as I check my eggs.  The familiar voices are my comrades.

When all said and done, I sit in my car among my bounty: a grocery-store warrior.

Leaving the store, I ask the questions again.  Does the need for such distraction make me week?  As I near my house I realize I am not evading or hiding.  I am defending!clark-young-ueZXMrZFFKQ-unsplashWith song I guard my mind from anxious thoughts. With rhythm I shield my heart, fear does not get to manipulate my pulse. Armed with a playlist, I defend my soul, protecting it from the lies that fight to consume me, that did consume me only a week prior.

I pull into my driveway and I wish Queen’s “We Are The Champions” was blasting over my speakers.  Today I wave the victory banner, thankful for another battle won.leonie-wise-NLU117HCVuc-unsplash

This post is a prompt from Five Minute Friday and was written in approximately five minutes. For more information, visit

Photo Credits: Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash, Photo by Scott Warman on Unsplash, Photo by Clark Young on Unsplash, Photo by leonie wise on Unsplash

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  1. Astrid says:

    Wow, this is so powerful! The times have truly gone mad, but music helps us through them. I haven’t been grocery shopping in a long time, as I live in a care facility where we get groceries delivered. However, I’ve heard other people of the anxiety. Visiting from #19 in the FMF.


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