Meet Cheryl


Hello friends old and new.  I am Cheryl Eichman and I deeply desire to see multitudes of people living out of the truth that Jesus loves them.  This is at the heart of my writing, the heart of my marriage, the heart of my parenting, and the heart of me interacting with you all on here.

I prefer chairs over stages. I prefer hearts conversing instead of an passive audience. I prefer personal neighborly gatherings instead of impersonal world-wide events and hope I can have those preferred dynamics with each one of you, even if it may come virtually. So pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and let’s learn from each other.

God reminds me of his love through art, Scripture, nature, community, music, struggle, and adventure to name a few.  Maybe you can relate to some of these or maybe your reminders come in different forms.  Whatever it is, I hope we can all keep remembering and learning, not WHY God loves us, but HOW God loves us.

Let’s learn how to live out of the knowledge that Jesus loves us deeply. Let’s learn how to be a part of the great story God has for us as we live in that love. And let’s learn how to encourage one another in that love and in that story.

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A few other random facts:

Things I enjoy- learning about different cultures, guacamole, watching football in the fall, dance parties with my kids (and how they role their eyes in embarrassment), a big Saturday morning breakfast, kayaking, hiking, backpacking, going to my kids swim meets, art, photography, and playing games at our favorite mountain coffee shop.

A bucket list item– Going on a photography road trip with my family where we stop any time someone wants to capture an image (as long as it is legal).

Things I don’t enjoy– When my feet are cold, things that are uncomfortable (even thought they usually make me grow), driving without sunglasses, when my junk drawer is disorganized, pessimism, when I sit in the belief that I am a failure.


One thought on “Meet Cheryl

  1. hi cheryl, i’m your neighbor this friday morning at the friday hope writers share. i’m the wife of a retired pastor. i love your story:) i can so identify with it too. i remember the day i had to decide to move forward vulnerably in my relationships, particularly in the church, with people who often were not kind toward me. when i was vulnerable instead of behaving as if i had it together, i found that people related differently toward me! relating that way has often felt like i was jumping off a 20 foot high dive…or more. but He has given me the grace and courage to do it. sometimes the results are hard, at others, the results are very encouraging. but b/c i am His daughter, i know He is with me and in me and the results are up to Him. very touching story:)

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