A Most Important Fight

The life journey mothers and daughters have, in all the ups and downs, is full of important memories and lessons.  For me, these became even more valuable the day my mom was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.  While the old memories were sweet,  I was bound and determined to also make amazing new ones, and make them we did.  The memories made and lessons learned in … Continue reading A Most Important Fight

Our Brown Paper Bags

“I’m excited to share my bag today!” My daughter Kara, bursting with anticipation, declared her elation to me over and over before going to school.  In Kara’s backpack was a crumpled, plain, brown paper bag that contained two rocks, a rope, and three photos.  Honestly, it was not very exhilarating. In fact, it was extremely ordinary, yet she carried this bag like a rare treasure … Continue reading Our Brown Paper Bags

A U-Shaped Life

I am not much of a scientist.  I enjoyed science classes well enough, but I am nothing like my husband or son whom just thrive when engaging in anything science related.  However, I did study the subject enough to understand the dynamics of a hypothesis, an experiment, an anaylsis, and a conclusion.  And while I was not meaning to create an impromptu science experiment during … Continue reading A U-Shaped Life