A U-Shaped Life

I am not much of a scientist.  I enjoyed science classes well enough, but I am nothing like my husband or son whom just thrive when engaging in anything science related.  However, I did study the subject enough to understand the dynamics of a hypothesis, an experiment, an anaylsis, and a conclusion.  And while I was not meaning to create an impromptu science experiment during … Continue reading A U-Shaped Life

Fear is a Liar

Fear is a liar. Clammy palms, gangly fingers ripping hearts away from beauty and light and adventure. Drowning out cheers left alone, empty and dark. Fear is a liar. – Fear is a liar. Beady eyes, twisted smile lurking around dreams devouring hope, faith, and truth. Covering the sun blinding with rain, thunder, hail. Fear is a liar. – Fear is a liar. Sickening voice, … Continue reading Fear is a Liar